Southern Barbelle
Pmdd is the worst

And to think I never believed in it before…

I have adware on my Macbook, my puppy made me miss my interview for my dream job, and I have a final in 2 hours. COOL.

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I love my boyfriend!!!!!

I want to say ittttt blahhhhhhhhh :)

I hate being away from my puppy :(

Mainly just because I love her cute face so much! But also because I feel like every day I’m not with her we fall further behind on house training because it’s inevitable that she’ll have an accident when she’s left alone for hours on end.

Blahhhhhh. I should’ve gotten her in college when I had more free time, or at least more time at my house!

OMG. New CTFxC vlog. Holy shit.

My reaction to today’s vlog